The registered office address of a company is its official address in Ireland which is on the public record. All legal notices including correspondence from the Companies Registration Office is delivered to the registered office address. There are a few key points that a company should be aware of regarding addresses.


A company is required to provide 3 types of address at incorporation:-

a) Registered office address.
b) The place or places where it is proposed to carry on the activity of the company.
c) The place where the central administration of the company will normally be carried on.

All 3 places must be physical locations in Ireland and a full postal address must be provided. It is not possible to list a post office box number. For most companies, these places will be their registered office address. However, for others, they may carry out their activity or attend to the central administration elsewhere and it is important that they correctly indicate said addresses on the incorporation documentation.

Displaying the Company Name

It is a requirement under the Companies Act 2014 that all companies display their name in a conspicuous position, in letters easily legible, outside its registered office address and every office or place in which its business is carried on. There are also other requirements under the Companies Acts as to where the company name must be shown and this will be dealt with separately.

Registered Office Address

As the official address of the company, it is expected that certain information is available at the registered office address. Certain company registers and minutes are to be maintained at the registered office address. A company is permitted to maintain these records at another location in Ireland but if doing so the company is obliged to notify the Companies Registration Office of that location.

Changes in Address

When a company changes its registered office address it is obliged under law to inform the Companies Registration Office of the change within 14 days. The same applies to any change in the location of the registers and minutes.

Registered Office Agent

The Companies Act 2014 introduced the concept of a registered office agent. Companies can employ an agent to provide a registered office address. The agent must be an Irish registered company which has been approved by the Registrar as a Registered Office Agent. The agents name, number and address are placed on the relevant statutory form by which the company also consents to the appointment of the agent.

How We Can Help

Corplaw has been assisting clients for over 35 years by providing registered office address facilities and by producing and filing documentation to reflect changes in address at the Companies Registration Office. Contact us if you would like to know more about registering an office address in Ireland. 

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